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Stay & Play

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Looking for your perfect community? Give Alden Place a test drive through our Stay and Play program. Stay and Play gives you access to the best of Alden Place so you can try it for yourself.

You will feel like you are on vacation!

We welcome you to spend one free night in our beautifully decorated, 2 bedroom / 2 bath homes, fully stocked for your enjoyment and convenience. Try out the kitchen or relax on the porch with a glass of wine. Our residents would love to tell you about Alden Place and answer your questions. You will be treated to dinner hosted by Alden Place community members so that you can learn about their experience. Live like a resident with full access to all of our amenities, including our 17,000 square foot club house, indoor pool, walking trails, and planned community activities.

  • Free night in 2 bedroom / 2 bath home
  • Stocked for your enjoyment and convenience
  • Talk with residents
  • Option of dinner with Alden Place members
  • Full access to all amenities including club house, pool, trails, and activities

Give it a try with no cost or obligation!

Click on the picture to take a virtual tour:

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